by dead.Mike on 03/6/2009

Sarà che mi sono visto Husbands and Wives. E in generale un po’ di film di Woody Allen che mi mancavano.

Sarà che sto leggendo questi meravigliosi tentativi di racconti erotici a cadenza giornaliera.

Sarà che sto mischiando un po’ le due cose ottenendo un gran casino, ma oggi, facendo le pulizie, la mia mente ha creato questo dialogo:

Pitch black: a phone rings, a bedside light turns on to reveal a 30-something years old woman in a nightdress, on a king size bed alone. She gazes the clock, mumbles something and picks up the phone.

Her: Goddamnit, Al, it’s 3 o’clock in the morning, why d’you keep calling me? It’s over. Over.

A dark room, single bed. Everything’s dark except for the blueish light from a TV set.

Him: I dunno, I just miss you

The scene now changes according to the speaker.

Her: Me? Or the idea of me? We’ve been over this before. You’re so self centered that your mind has to MAKE feelings UP for not to be ashamed of yourself. I’ll tell you what Al, I’m tired. Leave me alone.
Him: but what about all the sweet things we used to s…
Her: what about the things I, Al, I used to say. You just put together ‘love’ and another random word, pretending to be romantic,  but in the end it always ended up in a sexual innuendo. You’re an immature child, Al.
Him: but you liked it, didn’t you? I always made you laugh.
Her: I…I..I don’t know Al…just leave me alone, will you? Please.
Him: But I love you
Her: See? Here you go again
Him: I do. Really.
Her: I’ve heard it before. It’s been six months, Al, it’s over. GET OVER ME!
Him: …why…don’t YOU get OVER me?…You used to like it.
Her: Gee..I…I can’t believe it…I…Al, you’re impossible. Pour two drinks and wait. I’ll be right there.

Him: Can’t wait.

Lo so, è stupido, ma mi andava di scriverlo. So benissimo che scrivere non è il mio lavoro.

Stay tuned, more to come.

  • http://www.ninna.it/ Rossella Ninna

    Grazie per il complimento. Contenta che ti piacciano. ;)

  • http://www.ninna.it Rossella Ninna

    Grazie per il complimento. Contenta che ti piacciano. ;)